Monday, June 05, 2006


I for sure need to stay away from this thing after a night out, it just makes me rant aimlessly.

So in other news I played a small set at a local gig at the Balmoral Wine Bar, organised by a guy called Dangerous Dave (and brought to my attention by Oonagi, of which has a great new look). I thought it went pretty well and I enjoyed it alot. Heres a clip of me covering Robert Johnson's song "Sweet Home Chicago" but with Chicago replaced with Marghetto.

I'd like to thank Dave for letting me play and for Kevin for helping me get in touch with Dave.

Also on the subject of music I've made myself a myspace with a track of mine on there. Click here for that. Also, after making it and adding people I knew plus some other people through another group I play in, I recieved a message from Plan9Promotions of whom organise gigs locally. The message offered me a gig at the Lido. If it does actually happen, I shall be sure to advertise it overly everywhere. This could be the start of Blues revival, haha.

On other aspects of my life, it's my final week of exams. A 3hr politics exam tomorrow and then 3hr media exam on Thursday. Once I finally get through I'll be back at school again to finish off the final half-term of Year 12. I've no idea why we have to go back as we've finished our course. Either way, I expect that this weekend should include a pretty decent part of where we shall fulfil the expected yobness of us by robbing old ladies and petrol bombing innocent dogs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another two bob in the meter might have helped.

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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