Sunday, June 25, 2006

Teaching Kids To Spend

Just got back from my weekend activities of which I shan't bore you with by describing them in full detail. First on the Friday night, The Sigmund Freuds did end up playing, although we more invaded the stage and took over for 10 minutes. Either way, it was great fun, we played 2 Freud songs, Philosophizing Carpet Worm and Cunt For Brains plus a cover of The Ramones song "Blitzkreig Bop".

After that we decided to sample the eloquent delights of "Hardcore". A drink we discovered in Asda and labelled as "apple brew" and costs you only 75p for a litre. Suprisingly, it didn't taste too bad. We got 6 bottles of the stuff, along with a couple of crates and whiskey to wash it down. Had a pretty good night there in Cliftonville.

The next day involved an early start at my friends house. 3 crates at 2pm was how the day was spent in good company. Had a lovely stroll around Milmead in the early hours too.

After waking up there, with nasuea and a headache (as natural karma commands) we walked a friend back about half-way home and then got breakfast from a greasy spoon. A bacon sandwich and a can of coke are always good for a hangover.

Afterwards was onto the days events which was the local band 5-a-side football tournament. Our team came last (expectedly). This is because we are terrible at football and my arm is still in a sling, plus I played in chelsea boots. So there you go.

With the competition lost onto another friends house for the England match. Feeling quite ill after drinking constantly for near 3 days, with only 2 signifact breaks, I stayed off the beer. I also nearly fell asleep watching England play. I retreated to the back room with a couple of people to listen to music, treating ourselves to such classics as The Kinks, Stranglers and an excellent soul compilation CD.

With the match over, I ambled home and thus here I am. Feeling much better than earlier.

Now for something with some actual substance. It seems my school (Dane Court Grammar) have taken to allowing advertising in school. I don't just mean a company running something like a "Get Active" thing or whatever, I mean literally a huge massive poster advertising the latest Lindsy Lohan movie and to a lesser extent McFly's new single. We looked over the poster and there was nothing to do with education in the slightest. This happens to come at the same time as 3 large TVs in the school have appeared on walls.

It's all very curious. As far as I knew a school is not a corporate hunting ground and should never be considered so. Upon the looking up the legalities it seems there are none and that the current government infact encourage corporate links to schools.

Well, we decided we would put up our own poster.

A nice picture of our Head and Deputy Head. I'm thinking they should use my suggested motto from now on.

And theres a picture of our posters on the giant advert.

I don't think our posters survived the day, but ah well.

Peoples opinions on advertising in school?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Sorry for a long disappearance, laziness took hold quite strongly. Heres an update.

On the subject of the gig prospect at the Lido with Plan9Promotions, it has come to nothing. I've yet to recieve a reply to my reply from them.

I also, just 2 weeks ago, dislocated my shoulder on Broadstairs beach. Painful stuff it is and also very wierd feeling too. Now I've got to wear a sling for the next couple of weeks still, but it's not too bad.

Unfortunately, due to my dislocation I cannot play on The Sigmund Freuds team at this weeks inter-band football team, which is a big shame. Although I lack skills I still enjoy the game immensley. So instead, I'm just going to be manager, get drunk, and shout pointless advice to the team. Should be a good day.

Also, supposedly, The Sigmund Freuds are meant to playing at the Juice Bar this Friday, although it's a shamble currently. I'm happy either way. If it doesn't happen, I get to see White Heat and Look Look (Dancing Boys) at the Lido and if it does I get to play at the Juice Bar. Either way the weekend is shaping up to be good.

I've lately found myself compltely gripped by the football, as happens every year, and I'm definately enjoying it.

Back at school now too, and after dropping politics I have an over abundance of frees with nothing to do in. This lead today to trapping a friend in a locker. Good times.

Monday, June 05, 2006


I for sure need to stay away from this thing after a night out, it just makes me rant aimlessly.

So in other news I played a small set at a local gig at the Balmoral Wine Bar, organised by a guy called Dangerous Dave (and brought to my attention by Oonagi, of which has a great new look). I thought it went pretty well and I enjoyed it alot. Heres a clip of me covering Robert Johnson's song "Sweet Home Chicago" but with Chicago replaced with Marghetto.

I'd like to thank Dave for letting me play and for Kevin for helping me get in touch with Dave.

Also on the subject of music I've made myself a myspace with a track of mine on there. Click here for that. Also, after making it and adding people I knew plus some other people through another group I play in, I recieved a message from Plan9Promotions of whom organise gigs locally. The message offered me a gig at the Lido. If it does actually happen, I shall be sure to advertise it overly everywhere. This could be the start of Blues revival, haha.

On other aspects of my life, it's my final week of exams. A 3hr politics exam tomorrow and then 3hr media exam on Thursday. Once I finally get through I'll be back at school again to finish off the final half-term of Year 12. I've no idea why we have to go back as we've finished our course. Either way, I expect that this weekend should include a pretty decent part of where we shall fulfil the expected yobness of us by robbing old ladies and petrol bombing innocent dogs.