Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Once again is there the significant chance of proper violence in Irealnd.

Quite lately many people have been complainging about the "anti-British" film about the Irish stuggle and what not. Much complaints about how we the British have been shown as evil tortutrous bastards. Of course we're never like that. And of course we have no involvement with the concentration camp in Cuba and the occupation of Iraq and our involvement in pretty much most countries where the US has decided to intervene for the good of it's people, I mean the good of that countries people.

Anyway, I doubt anyone would be complaining about the "pro-British film", if it were ever made, of heroic British soldiers sorting out Ireland as teh Irish couldn't do it themselves.

Either way it's the red tops showing through their inability to take into account facts and not to write to sell, but to inform. Does it worry anyone else that I, a 17 year old, could write at the same level as the top editorial writer of The Sun?


P.S Please excuse any mistakes. Most will be due to the drink I have consumed while away from the pc.


Blogger tony flaig said...

I think the whole subject is an emotive one, I take the view that the film you refer to is probably accurate in its historical context but comments concerning current actions in Iraq I think you should carefully consider this, any US or British service personnel found to have broken the law will almost certainly face long prison sentences unlike their terrorist counterparts in Iraq or the followers of that coward bin laden who has no compunction in murdering thousands for nothing.

Compare camp X ray, with mindless stone age morons hijacking several planes with the intention of murdering thousands try to get some perspective the difference between bad practice and mass murder is considerable as is the misery.

You have the good luck to live in a tolerant society think yourself lucky. Try critising bin laden in some arab countries I don't there so tolerant. It easy to critises America and Britain.

Your 17 when you've had a few more drinks in 20 years time you might modify your opnions still I'm an old fart so what do I know.

9:11 PM  
Blogger Dobson of Margate said...

I would like to say that most of that post makes little sense due to drinking. I think it is a testament to drunken blogging.

Anyway, you'd expect US or British personnel to face long prison sentences, of course, we'd never know about what happens anyway. There's no doubt there has been abuse of Iraqis in Iraq, that kind of thing happens everywhere, whether it be rogue actions or ordered ones. Either way, we only get information about Iraq abuse through leaked information, mostly through pictures or videos of mobile phone quality. Either way, I doubt much would happen to said soldiers, but of course that would be put to test if any were even put to trial. Such as the video of British soldiers beating the crap out of Iraqis for rioting, well rioting was the word used. It was more of a protest. Either way, excessive force was used and no one was prosecuted.

Terrorists in Iraq? I'm guessng you've taken on board that anyone who does anything against US or British occupying troops in Iraq is automatically a terrorist. This of course is complete rubbish. Although I've no idea of how many insurgents (if there are any) there in Iraq, there is no doubt this has nothing to do with terrorism and is solely due to the unlawful occupation of a country for whatever reasons.

Camp X-Ray is of course nothing compared to real terrorists, but I didn't compare the two. Either way, the threat of terrorism is no reason to hold people with no charge for indefinite times.

I do consider myself lucky to live in a very tolreant society. Well tolerant in some ways anyway. If you tried critising Bin Laden in other countries, which I'm guessing your implying Middle Eastern countries, where most don't care at all about Bin Laden and all that. Maybe if you went to the parts of Afganistan where occuyping troops haven't bothered to sort out yet and critised him then maybe you could be in trouble. Then again, did Bin Laden really have anything to do with Al Quadea, or was it just a happy couindence they were both based in the same place?

Chances are in 20 years I'll have a different view. I expect I'll probably be less naive than all teenages are, which undoubtabley we are, whether or not we admit it.

Anyway, old farts know best.

12:08 AM  
Blogger Snailspace said...

Are you a closet Iraquie or what.

3:39 PM  
Anonymous George said...

Tony, can I buy you dinner?

9:17 AM  
Anonymous tony said...

Dinner im on a diet, due to you delaying me I have injured my hand whilst down the bank this last friday and im lucky to be alive! sorry Dobson for using this blog but Im only replying to george

6:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder whether all those thousands of protesters against the Iraq War have cut their oil consumption? Oil is used in everything from petrol to plastics & man-made fibres. Maybe they're still leading their nice comfortable lives whilst British Armed Forces loose lives? You don't like what happens in war, fine, but you can't sanitize it, it's ugly, brutal and bloody. As for British soldiers beating Iraqis, what i saw was no worse than what the Police did to Miners in the 80s. Troops were being pulled into a typical trap where they would be pounced on. They took out the problem before they got hit. Get on the end of a roadside bomb and you'll change your mind.

9:14 PM  
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